ESH Policy

As a specialized manufacturer of CIGS thin-film solar module, Sunshine PV Corp. takes the preservation of global environment and the accident-free operations as the most important parts of its management. Therefore, we will live up to the Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) standard, as the major business operation and observe the following fundamentals and principles for better living quality.
  • 1. Legal compliance
      • Comply with Environment, Safety & Health Acts and customers’ requirements.
      • Devote to meet globally advanced standards on ESH.
  • 2. Strive for Environmental Protection
      • Minimize emission, effluence and waste in all our activities, and implement recycling or disposal of waste by environment method.
      • Optimize the usage of energy and raw materials by energy-saving and environmental friendly technologies.
  • 3. Safety and Health promotion
      • Assess the risks on productions and resource usage, and adopt appropriate measures for risks reduction.
      • Enhance the workplace environment and employees’ health to prevent occupational hazards and diseases.
  • 4. Strengthen communication
      • Each employee should be accountable for self-behavior or omissions affects to the ESH policy.
      • Communicate ESH issues with suppliers and contractors for encouragement on ESH performance.
  • 5. Promote ESH performance
      • Set up ESH targets improvement and ensure efficiency on ESH management system.
      • ESH examination by daily experiences accumulation, review and improvement continuously.
  • 6. Sustainability management
      • ESH training and technical skills enhancement for deepening awareness and reinforcing practices.
      • Full participation in ESH commitments implementation, achieving the goal of sustainable management.